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12 Hours

Journey To The Centre of The Earth: A Magical Day in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Halla shared with us her beliefs surrounding the Snæfellsnes peninsula. She believes that it has a very special energy that sensitive people can feel.

ISK 15,900

11 Hours

Writing On The Walls Of Ice: History Reveals Itself In Katla Ice Cave

Each layer, compressed unfathomably tight, provides an untouched reconstruction of the time it last glistened under the sunlight. In each bubble, a microcosm of a past atmosphere forms...

ISK 24,990

9,5 Hours

Soaking Next to a Geysir: A Trip to the Secret Lagoon

Iceland’s oldest pool is the perfect spot to relax in warm water and watch steam rise up around yourself.

ISK 10,490


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4 Hours

Safari of the North: Hunting for Northern Lights

There is a sense of knowledge in Símon’s voice while he’s telling us myths and facts about the northern lights. “It’s probably the 315th time that I am going to see them, but it’s always different,” he says, with excitement in his voice...

ISK 9,990

3,5 Hours

A Glacier Hike On Skaftafellsjökull

On the ice itself, two hours passed in what felt like an instant. We saw mulans dripping water deep down into the ice, a glistening, otherworldly ice cave, and walking up the deep blue crevasses of the glacier’s snout.

ISK 16,900

1,3 Hour

Icelandic Whiskey - Distillery Tour in Reykjavík

The Reykjavik Grapevine went on a day tour to Eimverk, the first Icelandic Whiskey distillery, home of Flóki Whiskey and Vor Gin.

ISK 3,990