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"Not in your guidebook" Adventure | Day Tour | Midgard

Join us on a tour where most of the places you will explore are not mentioned in any guidebook. We will take you to places we visit on our days off where nobody else is. If you come across someone it’s most likely a local traveling or a farmer. It’s a truly local experience only offered by Midgard.

The area we will visit is in and around Fljótshlíð, the “hill by the river”, highly affected and formed by the river Markarfljót. A beautiful and peaceful area where a lot of the Icelandic Saga´s happened.

Among the places we may explore are:

  • The small canyons and one of our favorite playgrounds underneath Mt. Þórólfsfell.
  • The small mountain Stóri Dímon where we may hike 120 meters to the top to witness the fantastidc view or walk around to seek unexpected beauty and adventures.
  • We might take you to one of our own “go to areas” around Mt Þríhyrningur, where there is a lot to explore, rivers to cross, hidden waterfalls and caves to enjoy.
  • We love to end the day by visiting a secret place in one of our few forests in Iceland, and taking a sip from an old well, by a farm where the farmers became 100 years old. Drinking from the well is our way of staying young and may become yours too.

This tour is perfect for those that have done our Þórsmörk Super Jeep Day Tour and want to add more of the unbeaten path to their trip. Fits well for families and friends, younger and older, newly married or whoever who wants to have a slow speed day in an unexplored area.

As this is a local tour and Midgard is located in Hvolsvöllur, the hot dog town, where all hot dogs in Iceland are produced, we find it not only our pleasure but our obligation to invite you for a hot dog barbecue on this tour. Vegan version is available as well. You will learn how a hot dog tastes differently depending on in what order you place the ingredients, the onions, the ketchup, the mustard and the remoulade and for each and every guide there is the “only” right way.

We may use our super jeeps or jeeps or a normal car depending on the conditions at the time of your visit.

"Not in your guidebook" Adventure | Day Tour | Midgard

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